Vehicle History & Title Information


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The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is an online system used to verify and exchange vehicle history data (such as titling, brand, and theft information) among DMVs, law enforcement, prospective purchasers, and insurance carriers. State titling agencies use NMVTIS to check if the vehicle has been reported stolen, or if it has been identified as a "junk" or "salvage" vehicle.

NMVTIS provides consumers and others with vehicle information such as:

  • Current and previous state of title.

  • Title issue date.

  • Most recent odometer reading.

  • Any brand(s) applied to the vehicle.
  • e.g.-flood vehicle
  • Date the brands were applied.

  • Any auto recycler or junk or salvage yard history for the vehicle.

  • Any insurance company salvage determination (including "total loss") history for the vehicle.